Wheel Sensor by Frauscher

Our proven wheel sensors stand for safe and reliable operation even under extreme conditions. Configuration, materials and design of our trackside wheel sensors ensure utmost durability and a long service life. In addition, maintenance requirements are minimal. 

Wheel sensor RSR180

The Wheel Sensor RSR180 can be used for a variety of different applications. Due to customer-specific adaptations, a broad range of configuration variants are now available.


  • time-proven technology 
  • universally applicable 
  • no sensor adjustment needed
  • more robust sensor (bolts)
  • IP68 protection class (waterproof): protection from dust, moisture, water, …
  • multiple types of rail claws available (no rail drilling required)

Mounting of RSR180

Frauscher rail claws enable a quick and simple mounting and demounting of wheel sensors. Thus working time within the track area is reduced to 5-10 minutes. Enough time for correct mounting of the wheel sensor with the rail claw.

Rail Deflector

Loose-hanging chains or pipes in between two wagons can dangle close to the track. These elements might influence or damage the wheel sensor.

Rail deflectors are mounted on both sides of the wheel sensor to provide protection and prevent unnecessary errors?