Axle Counters

With its tailor-made axle counting solutions, Frauscher offers reliable and cost-effective train detection systems. 

Track circuits are still widely used for train detection. The reasons for that are rooted in history. In recent years, however, they have increasingly been replaced by axle counting systems employing inductive wheel sensors. Their advantages over track circuits include: 

  • unlimited track section length based on network infrastructure 
  • largely unaffected by environmental conditions
  • provision of additional information
  • low maintenance and life-cycle costs
  • fast and easy installation 

Innovative Axle Counters by Frauscher

Working principle of the axle counting system

Frauscher Axle Counters consist of two major parts: trackside equipment and indoor equipment. Highly reliable wheel sensors are mounted onto the tracks, while leading-edge electronics boards constitute the flexible and space-saving indoor equipment. The latter can be quickly and efficiently integrated into existing signalling technology systems via state-of-the-art software and widely used hardware interfaces. 

To provide more economical, decentralised solutions with maximum availability of information and data gathered at any location, modern communication interfaces such as the Frauscher Safe Ethernet protocol FSE are used between the interlocking and axle counting systems. 


  • clear/occupied notification
  • number of counted axles
  • reset/error mode
  • diagnostics and statistics
  • additional customisable information
Future-oriented Axle Counting Solutions


wide-ranging portfolio for an optimum combination of components

highly available, robust and flexible

customer-specific adaptation options

easy mounting and commissioning

no active trackside electronics required

low maintenance and life-cycle costs

extensive diagnostics options

a variety of different interfaces

Trackside equipment

The trackside equipment consists of three main constituents: the sensor, mounted onto the track, the Track Lead Junction Box TLJB and the cables connecting these two. As with all Frauscher Axle Counting Systems, the Wheel Sensor RSR180 forms the basis for highly available and fail-safe train detection. Using a rail claw, the sensors can be quickly and easily mounted onto the track without having to drill holes into it. This minimises the amount of time that personnel have to spend in a hazardous area.

Benefits of Frauscher’s trackside equipment:

  • high availability of the wheel sensors
  • no active trackside electronics
  • maintenance-free operation
  • easy installation by way of rail claws

Indoor equipment

The sensor transmits data to the indoor equipment of the axle counting system. Frauscher’s high-performance evaluation boards evaluate the information provided by the sensor and count the number of axles. Via various interfaces, the generated data is then made available to higher-level systems.

Benefits of Frauscher’s indoor equipment:

  • extremely high availability
  • built-to-match components
  • flexible configuration options
  • possibility of a decentralised architecture
  • minimal space requirements

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