Axle Counters by Frauscher

Thanks to the software interface, the axle counter FAdC can be optimally integrated into higher-level systems. This provides the highest flexibility in design. Both system integrators and railway operators benefit equally from significant advantages.

Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC®

The FAdC’s flexible scalability, functional modularity, and an ethernet-based software interface enable a wide range of individual configuration options. Consequently, they can be used for the operation of both, small centralised systems as well as complex larger-scale ones. In proportion to the project’s scale, the use of state-of-the-art communication technologies leads to a reduction in required space, energy usage, investment and maintenance costs. Moreover, the FAdC functions fully redundantly, which means: In case of a failure of one component, the number of affected track sections can be minimalised. This significantly increases the system’s availability and reduces the downtime.

The FAdC can be connected to high-performance electronic interlockings either via a customer-specific interface or by way of the Frauscher Safe Ethernet FSE protocol . This ensures that higher-level applications are supplied with all relevant diagnostic and functional data. To establish a decentralised architecture, clusters of detection points spread out along the rail line can also be connected via ethernet. There is no additional requirement for relays, IO boxes and complex wiring. 

Convenient special features: Several intelligent functions additionally optimise the system’s availability, for instance, the Supervisor Track Sections STS and Counting Head Control CHC. For a continuous supply of diagnostics data, the Frauscher Diagnostic System FDS can be accessed on mobile devices as well.  

Benefits of the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC®: 

  • flexible and easy configuration 
  • ethernet-based software interface 
  • low maintenance requirements
  • flexible system architecture 
  • simplified project management

Frauscher India has already made considerable progress in developing components specifically for the Indian Market. As part of the "Make in India" initiative, several components of our axle counters are manufactured at the production facility in Mysuru. 

The Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC is RDSO approved and complies with RDSO/SPN/176/2013 Ver. 3.

Reset Box

The Reset Box resets the digital axle counter system and clears the track section in the event of a fault – for instance, one caused by external influences. It supports both preparatory reset and hard reset, always indicating the actual status of the track section. In addition, it also registers and records the number of times that the track section has been reset. The Reset Box is designed to work in conjunction with multi-section digital axle counters as per RDSO specification.

Benefits of Frauscher’s Reset Box:

  • compact in size
  • easy installation and commissioning
  • low maintenance requirements