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About Frauscher India

Frauscher Sensor Technology India Private Limited, more commonly known as Frauscher India, is a pioneer in axle counting and wheel detection. The company’s aim is to provide its customers with maximum added value through cost effective technology and a highly motivated, skilled team of employees. The overall intention is to achieve rapid and sustainable growth to maximise returns.

The company’s priority will always be to conduct its business following highest-level ethical standards. Frauscher India focuses on trust and transparency both in our relations with customers and in the way we run our business. We also place special emphasis on safety, health, and the environment – now and in the future. And we strive to attain a significant market share, not just in India but also in the South East Asian market. 

Frauscher India not only collaborates with Indian Railways (IR) but also with metro companies like Delhi Metro, Navi Mumbai Metro, etc. In addition, we have several training centres in India where we train and educate railway operators and system integrators on the use of our technology.


Locations in India

Our network of locations in the Indian market enables us to respond quickly and provide immediate on-site support as needed. In addition, it allows for uncomplicated communication between us and our customers. Customer training facilities are always within close proximity.

Our corporate office is located in Bengaluru, India. Bengaluru has the maximum work force in India and all primary operations are carried out from here. Different functional teams of R&D, Product Engineering, Application Design and Application Engineering also operate from this location. Apart from that the Business Development, Customer Service, sales and installation for the southern region of India is managed from this office.

At the production facility of Frauscher India RDSO inspections and FATs are performed. The production unit includes a state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility. In May of 2019, the production unit was moved to a bigger and more expansive location.



This regional sales office focuses on business development, sales and customer service in the western region. Our customers include Indian Railways, different metros in the region, system integrators and Railway sidings. A significant part of the sales and customer service team works at the Mumbai office.



New Delhi (Gurgaon)
This sales office of Frauscher India takes care of sales in the northern region which includes different zones of Indian Railway, metros and DFCCs. Business development and customer service teams can also be found at the Gurgaon office.

Our journey to success

Company History of Frauscher in India



  • Foundation of the Frauscher India corporate office in Bengaluru 

Facts and Figures

With our presence in India, which is one of the most important rail markets of the world having extensive rail network, here are some of the interesting facts you may like to know about.

Frauscher Rail Signalling Systems 

Joint Venture

Frauscher Rail Signalling Systems (FRSS) is a joint venture of Frauscher India and Hitachi Japan to establish a business in the Railway signalling world. The venture was founded in 2015 to provide signalling systems on Western DFCC Line. FRSS is engaged in manufacturing, assembling and testing axle counters and signalling components in order to support Hitachi’s mainline railway projects in India as well as throughout the Asian railway market.

Country Head Frauscher India Group of Companies

Alok Sinha

Mr. Alok Sinha was a driving force during the foundation process of Frauscher India in 2013 and has been the location’s Managing Director for more than 8 years ever since. Currently, he takes on the role of Country Head, representing our three companies in the region: Frauscher Sensor Technology India, Frauscher Sensonic India & Frauscher Rail Signalling Solutions. Mr. Alok Sinha, the founding force behind setting up and leading Frauscher Sensor Technology in India is now the member of the Global Steering Committee of Frauscher. He has almost 30 years of experience in the railway industry. A technologist at heart, he has worked in all possible areas of signalling. He is also very well known for having excellent rapport with our customers, a reputation he has earned by providing the best possible service. 

“Our mission is to provide excellent service to our customers and emerge as one of the leading companies for wheel detection and axle counting in the Indian market. Since a humble beginning in 2013, Frauscher India has made a significant presence in the field of rail industry in a short span of time. We highly value the “Make in India” initiative and aim to achieve full indigenization for our products by means of our state-of-the-art production unit in Mysore. We are determined to continue the hard work, grow our skills and provide state-of-the-art and smart solutions to our customers.”

Managing Director Frauscher India

Akhilesh Yadav

Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, takes on the position of Managing Director for Frauscher Sensor Technology India Private Limited. Mr. Akhilesh Yadav brings with him extensive experience in the Indian railway market in different capacities including the last role of Chief Operating Officer for Frauscher India. He has been a professional signalling engineer throughout his 30 years career. He joined Indian Railway Service as a signalling engineer in 1992 and undertook assignments in design, construction, maintenance and RDSO before taking VRS from government service in 2013. He is in charge of deploying modern technologies in railway projects across the region.

“Technical advancement and innovation is the way to go forward for us at Frauscher India. Our teams have been constantly working on improving our products and services that can resolve customer pain points and problems. That’s why our solutions require least trackside components, need minimum installation efforts, require very less power per detection point but deliver maximum benefits by providing easy and fully integrated remote diagnostics capability. 

We are constantly aiming to create a simple yet extremely efficient technology for our wheel sensing and axle counting systems. We remain fully focused on bringing world class technologies and technical skills to India while we indigenize our products, with an overarching aim to become a fully local company in shortest possible time frame.”