What our customers can expect

Individual hands-on training with actual equipment

We train our customers with one goal in mind – and that is to get them to the point where they can use our products independently and without being reliant on our support. By helping them understand our technology and innovations, we make sure they can efficiently work with our products and are able to solve possible issues by themselves.

Our training programme includes thorough and informative sessions on our wheel detection and axle counting systems, our wheel sensors, as well as on how to install our sensors on railway tracks, etc.

Frauscher’s state-of-the-art training system

The Academy & Training unit of Frauscher India is one of the company’s core units. It is responsible for meeting the various internal and external training needs of the team as well as those of our customers and system integrators. 

Trainings for customers are included as part of the contractual provisions. They are conducted at the customer’s premises, at the site of the project, and at Frauscher India’s production facility in Mysuru.
The Academy provides trainings on all Frauscher products deployed in the Indian market. Our Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC trainings constitute the core of all major training programs. 


At present, Frauscher India has three customer locations where its products and systems are installed for demonstration and training purposes.

  1. IRISET 
  2. Byculla, Mumbai 
  3. Railtel, New Delhi 

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