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Frauscher India

About Frauscher India

Frauscher offers customised solutions for international railway markets and has become a synonym for innovative axle counting and wheel detection around the globe. Input and feedback from railway operators and system integrators worldwide constitute the basis for on-going, new and future developments. The outcome are products and solutions that are based on the requirements of our customers.
Frauscher was established in India in 2013 and since then has seen a steady growth in the Indian and South Asian Market.


Wheel Sensors and Axle Counters

Inductive sensor technology forms the basis for our wheel sensors and axle counters. The outcome of our technological developments in this area are highly available systems – regardless of railway segment, site of operation or prevailing local conditions.
Signalling technology components by Frauscher are extremely durable while requiring only minimal maintenance. Even the most specific project requirements can be fulfilled thanks to their flexible system architecture and open interface protocols.



Train detection, switching point protection or triggering of systems: Highest availability ensures that Frauscher’s tailored solutions optimally fulfil the requirements of diverse railway applications.