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About Frauscher India

Frauscher Sensor Technology is well known as a global leading expert in tracking and monitoring trains and infrastructure. Our products provide relevant information for safe and efficient railway operations: Frauscher wheel detection systems, axle counters and tracking solutions based on inductive sensor technology and Distributed Acoustic. Sensing form an essential component of a wide range of applications. Based on our comprehensive services and trainings our customers are able to design, configure, install, adapt and maintain our systems by themselves. Frauscher was established in India in 2013 and since then has seen a steady growth in the Indian and the South Asian Market.

Alok Sinha

Managing Director | Frauscher Sensor Technology India Private Limited / Corporate office

Alok Sinha

Managing Director


Level 5, Prestige Khoday Tower | No. 5, Raj 
Bhavan Road 
Bengaluru 560001 | India

Locations in India

  • Bengaluru
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • Mysore
  • New Delhi (Gurgaon)