Customer Service

Excellent customer service takes priority at Frauscher India. We focus on high customer understanding, satisfaction, and communication. Each and every customer is unique and important to us! Hence, we not only offer customised solutions – we also provide individualised support for all customers. 

Remote Management

With our sales offices in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Kolkata, we cover a large territory. Due to our pan-Indian presence, our customer service staff is able to respond quickly. It also allows us to address our customers’ concerns and problems by giving them our full attention, providing them with all the support they need.

Aftersales Services

Our aftersales services are generally carried out by our production unit in Mysuru. This includes the provision of spare parts, replacement of parts, updates on hardware or software, etc. We not only provide warranties but also assist our customers in solving potential issues they might be facing regarding our products.

Customer Support

We do everything in our power to provide the best possible support to all our customers. We not only visit the location whenever and wherever our help is needed. We also help our customers over the phone or via e-mail in the event that we are unable to immediately be on site. We always have spare parts available for emergencies, and we keep our warehouses stocked in case an urgent delivery is required. You can rest assured that each of our customers receives the individual support they need.