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Customer Service at Frauscher India

Excellent customer service is an integral part of Frauscher India. We focus highly on customer training and communication. For us each customer is unique and important. Hence, we do not only provide individualised solutions, but also individualised customer support enabling them to handle our system on their own for first line maintenance.

Remote Management

With our head office in Bangalore and sales office in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Kolkata, we cover all railway zones in India. Our dedicated customer service teams for each area enable prompt actions. We are able to manage any of our customers’ issue with full attention and give them complete end to end support. Our Frauscher Diagnostic System FDS provides the possibility to connect and access the diagnostic information remotely.

Customer Support

We extend our support to our customers at any cost possible. Apart from going to the location where help is needed, if in case we are not able to reach immediately, we help our customers over the phone and online communication tools as well. With our production unit and warehouse located in Mysuru, we can ensure quick supply of spare parts or updates on software and hardware.

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