IRSTELO issued first certificate to Sivasankara Rao Alla from Frauscher India

On 8 February 2019, the Indian Railways Signal & Telecommunication Engineers Licensing Organisation (IRSTELO) – which was established in July 2018 – issued its first certificate. It was handed over to Mr Sivasankara Rao Alla from Frauscher Sensor Technology India Private Limited by Mr N. Kashinath, Director General S&T at Indian Railways. “We are very proud, that one of our highly qualified employees is the first person in India to receive this certificate”, says Alok Sinha, Managing Director of Frauscher India.

IRSTELO certifies scheme designers, logic designers, design verifiers as well as installers, verification testers and functional testers, who are working on railway signalling and telecommunications. Their certificates ensure that experts, who have demonstrated appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude, only undertake these works. This contributes to increasing the whole Indian railway industry’s quality. Mr Sinha is confident: “Our colleague Sivasankara Rao Alla has applied for this license in October 2018. After he went through logbook preparation, case study discussions and exams it was proven that he meets all of IRSTELO’s criteria. After only four months he was awarded the certificate.”

Mr Alla is with Frauscher since 2013. He started as an engineer, becoming a customer service representative later on. For more than a year, he is a Senior Engineer taking care of testing and commissioning for the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC, which is more and more often used in Indian projects. Before working with Frauscher, he was employed as a testing and commissioning engineer at both Efftronics and Siemens after he completed his diploma in Electronics and instrumentation engineering at AANM & VVRSR Polytechnic college. Today he has over 14 years of experience as an active engineer in the railway industry.

“Receiving this certificate in the category signalling verification tester means a lot to me, personally – and of course as an employee of Frauscher Sensor Technology. The guidelines that must be met are in perfect line with our philosophy. Therefore, this is not only a strong signal to the railway industry, that Frauscher is a highly qualified and reliable partner for their projects. It is also a confirmation for us as a company and as engineers, that we’re on the right track”, Mr Alla concludes.

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