Together we drive the future of the railway industry

2019 has begun - and Frauscher is confident about the coming months. Once again this year, the company will present many exciting and future-oriented innovations. The basis for this is not only the experience gained in achieving various goals in 2018. The answers to some of the questions we asked ourselves also help - for example, "What moved us last year?" or "What are our goals for 2019?

Frauscher is certain of one thing: the potential of further digitization of the railways can be fully exploited through global cooperation, even stronger networking and industry-wide exchange. In this area of tension, the company's employees worldwide are looking forward to discussing again this year with well-known and new partners what they can achieve in 2019 and beyond - together and in close cooperation.

CMO Christian Pucher and his team have come up with something special for the start of the new year: "In order to inspire the thoughts of our customers and partners a little, we have created a short video that could perhaps bring them to new ideas, or at least to smile. Have fun!"

Video Thumbnail Season's Greetings 2019

Tip: Take the opportunity and meet us at one of the various trade fairs and events this year.

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