Job meets family – in physical form at the Frauscher India family day

Towards the end of the year, Frauscher India provided all employees and their families with a special occasion: They invited them to celebrate a special family day. “This was a perfect possibility for our colleagues to introduce their partners and kids to what Frauscher does – and to what they are dealing with every day”, Alok Sinha, Managing Director Frauscher India, resumes.

According to this, a short presentation on the company’s latest activities and developments was given to start with the day. After that, things got more practical: All kids had the chance to give it a try with the soldering iron. In cooperation with their parents, they assembled some circuit boards with LED lights and other components. This was done in form of a competition – and in the end, the fastest solder was awarded with a special gift.

“This was the perfect transition to the fun part of this Family day”, Sinha tells. “The GK Hill View Resort, where we gathered, provided a perfectly equipped outdoor area”, he explains. There, all families spent a great afternoon in the pool, playing table tennis, riding quad bikes or just hanging out and relaxing. And it wasn’t just the kids that enjoyed the day really much – when everybody was set to leave, they all agreed that this is crying out for a repeat.

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