Review and outlook: Frauscher USA exhibits strong growth

Frauscher has had an active presence in North America for three years now. Vivek Caroli, Managing Director Frauscher Sensor Technology USA Inc. takes a look back – and forward.

In just three years, his team has grown to a headcount of 10 employees – plus one colleague who represents the company with an office in Toronto, Canada. The hard work, high level of knowledge and determination of the team, based in Princeton, NJ, attracted the attention of railway operators and experts across North America. The market’s faith in Frauscher was exemplified in 2018 by a record year across every sales metric, with sensor sales increasing by nearly 300%. Since the railway industry requires long validation periods for new technologies, trial installations have always been an important part of Frauscher’s business development efforts. The number of trial installations being conducted in the US and Canada has now increased by 75%. Earlier trials have been converted into strong, year-over-year sales accounts during 2018.

The North American Frauscher team proudly states that every Class 1 freight railway in North America has installed the company’s sensors. In an interview, Caroli explains the factors that have led to success for Frauscher USA, as well as the next steps he has planned for this growing operation.

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