Vital discussions on big data in railway at IRSE China workshop

IRSE China hosted a technical workshop on “Big data based on railway health management and maintenance” in Beijing Jiao Tong University on 29 June. Senior staff from China Railway Corporation, researchers from China Academy of Railway Sciences, and executives from some Chinese railway industry companies also attended the workshop. They discussed on topics like “Maintenance of signaling system”, “PHM key technology of signalling system”, “Digitalization of railway management” and “Intelligent maintenance management”.

The workshop accelerated the development of railway health management and maintenance technology in China. It promoted the cooperation and communication between universities, research institutes and enterprises in the railway industry.

Ma Jin, Managing Director of Frauscher China, also participated in the workshop. “Frauscher has been working intensively on the development of signaling technology and digitalisation of railway. The discussions with railway experts affirmed our business confidence,” he emphasized.

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