Frauscher Sensor Technology India Pvt Ltd held its first Quality Day at the Mysuru production site on 3 July 2019. For this event, Frauscher had invited its key supply chain partners. Two Quality Assurance representatives from each of the suppliers met with Frauscher India’s team.

The main topic for the day was digitalization and traceability in the work area and the importance of the same for both, suppliers and the company.

A positive effect was that the suppliers with whom Frauscher India is working were able to get an insight into the production area to see where and how their products are used. This helped them to understand several aspects better – and will allow for further collaborative optimisations according to Frauscher’s specific requirements to meet a maximum standard of quality.

Furthermore, Frauscher India rolled out its new department, Supplier Product Quality Development (SPQD) and conducted trainings on New Product Development (NPD) and Corrective and Improvement Actions (CIA).

The suppliers had an interactive session, asked a lot of questions and gave suggestions how to improve in future. In the end, this Quality Day helped both sides to understand requirements, processes and tasks even better – an understanding, which contributes to Frauscher’s capability of meeting its customer’s needs.

This year's WDF took place from 5 to 7 June in Vienna, Austria. Amongst more than 260 participants from 40 different countries were system integrators, operators, manufacturers, representatives of science as well as other interested associations. Once again, the broad audience turned the conference into a unique international discussion platform.

The event was characterised by top-level presentations focusing on "intelligent tracking solutions" and the future of railways. With their lectures, the speakers contributed to a diverse, highly topical and future-oriented pool of topics. In addition to the numerous presentations, there were plenty of opportunities for networking in an informal atmosphere. On Thursday evening, the gala dinner again took place in the special ambience of the Schönbrunn Orangery – which made it an absolute highlight for all delegates.

“The philosophy of the WDF is to promote the development of the railway industry by future orientation and close collaboration. It is one of the best opportunities for sharing information about the rail industry, for networking and to keep up to date with the latest trends regarding intelligent tracking solutions for smart traffic management, innovative maintenance strategies and more”, Christian Pucher, WDF Programme and Content Director, summarised.

Read our blog article on the fifth edition of the WDF and get a deeper insight on this year´s lectures and highlights.

Frauscher Sensor Technology India Private Limited has reached another milestone in their history, as their production unit in Mysuru moved into a new and grander building. On 9 May 2019, more than 200 visitors participated in the official inauguration ceremony.

This new building does not only enable the company to provide their customers with individual solutions for specific requirements within stipulated timeframes. It also reflects Frauscher’s strong commitment to the Indian railway market.

After speeches by Alok Sinha, Managing Director Frauscher India, Melanie Gangl, Director Production Frauscher India, Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology, Brigitte Öppinger-Wachlshofer, the Austrian ambassador to India, Rajeev Sharma, AM, S&T, Railway Board, and Akhilesh Yadav, COO Frauscher India, the facility was officially inaugurated.

Guided company tours gave the attendees a chance to get an impression of the size and possibilities of the new building. It provides space for multiple meeting rooms, a dedicated RDSO inspection area, quality check and quality assurance departments, a warehouse, separate areas for sensor assembly and packing, as well as work stations for all employees, an in-house cafeteria and more. At the top floor of the building, the day was successfully finished off with a buffet of a wide variety of Indian dishes, delicious drinks and smooth live music.

More details, statements and insights can be found on our blog.

Frauscher India and RailTel Corporation joined hands to establish a training facility for users of the axle counter Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC. It is situated at RailTel’s office in Delhi. The facility was inaugurated in January 2019 by Mr. N. Kashinath, Director General S&T (Signalling and Telecommunications). Mr Puneet Chawla, MD RailTel and Mr Arun Saksena, Advisor/Signal at RailTel were also present at the ceremony along with Mr Akhilesh Yadav, COO Frauscher India.

As part of the training facility, a standard FAdC cubicle has been installed at RailTel’s office. Mr Yadav explained the system to everyone present at the event. Today, the FAdC is being used in major projects all over the globe. By its flexible interfaces and its functional modularity, it supports railway operators and system integrators in the realisation of various applications like track vacancy detection, level crossing protection, switching point protection, flank protection, CBTC fallback systems and more.

“Since Frauscher India received the RDSO approval for the FAdC, this innovative axle counter has been installed in more and more projects throughout India and beyond its borders. Comprehensive training supports engineers and railway experts involved in these projects in understanding the system’s functionality and maintenance. Our close cooperation with RailTel was an important milestone in establishing an appropriate facility”, Mr. Yadav says.

In a Ground-Breaking Ceremony Frauscher India kicked off its first Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS project in India. This installation is focusing on continuous track monitoring. The system will be used to identify rail defects, such as rail fractures. The ceremony took place at Gaipura station between Allahabad and Mirzapur stations of North Central Railway. Mr. Rajiv Chaudhry, General Manager of Railway, participated in the ceremony along with Mr. P S Rai, PCSTE, Mr. Sharad Mehta, PCE, Mr. Amitabha, DRM/Allahabad and Mr. Neeraj Yadav, Sr.DSTE.

The grand ceremony was a part of the GM’s annual inspection in this section of the line. Around 200 people, including key functionaries from various departments in North Central Railways, participated in it. Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, COO Frauscher India, along with other team members of Frauscher India working on this FTS project were also part of the ceremony. It began with a small ‘puja’ (prayer) followed by the GM, HODs, DRM and Mr. Yadav breaking coconuts on the site for good luck.

At a separate stand, details of the project were outlined, showing the stations covered and the main FTS system location. The installation will be realised in coordination with TSTS pvt. Limited. It will be located between Mirzapur and Manda Road. The distance between these two stations is 34 kilometres. The stretch includes six stations, Mirzapur, Vindhyachal, Birohi, Gaipura, Jigna and Manda Road. The Processing unit for FTS will be located at Mirzapur station.

The Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS are based on Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) and allow for the realisation of various applications in the areas of train tracking, asset condition monitoring as well as safety and security. This technology can undertake continuous track monitoring to provide valuable information for condition-based maintenance (CBM) of track infrastructure.

Frauscher Sensor Technology India Private Limited participated in RailwayTech Indonesia 2019. The company displayed its products and explained their technological advancements. The show’s full name “Railway Technology, Equipment, Systems and Services Exhibition & Conference” teasers its size and topical diversity. The 3rd edition of this exhibition and conference was held from 20-22 March at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The event was divided into four categories of exhibitors: Railway Technology, Train and Interiors, Passenger Service as well as Infrastructure Technology and Facilities, which signalling and control systems are a part of.

The team from Frauscher India took the opportunity to present the axle counter Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC to a broad specialist audience. In numerous interesting discussions, the experts on-site also introduced the Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS – a future proof system, which enables comprehensive solutions in the areas of train tracking, asset condition monitoring and security. Live-screens on the stand helped to illustrate, how the FTS work on the base of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS).

Many visitors were interested in learning more about Frauscher’s products, and especially FTS. Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, COO Frauscher India resumes: “RailwayTech Indonesia was a great opportunity to introduce representatives from industry and politics around the local rail market to the potential of our portfolio and provide them with information on how our solutions can support their applications. We have received an overwhelmingly positive feedback for our advanced technologies and made many valuable contacts in the Indonesian market.”

Proven reliability, innovative functions - and a design that is both practical and appealing: When developing the SENSiS Detection Point SDP, Frauscher Sensor Technology pursued the goal of examining all aspects of existing products in a holistic process. This resulted in various criteria, which are now fulfilled by the SDP. In terms of design, the results not only convinced the specialist audience at InnoTrans 2018.

The jury of the iF Award, which is presented annually in Munich, also became aware of the new sensor from Frauscher. At this year's award ceremony, the prize in the Industry category went to the team behind SENSiS. Hannes Kalteis, who works in Product Management at Frauscher, was significantly involved in the development: "Our sensors are developed for specific requirements in signal technology. Winning a Design Award is something quite extraordinary. For us it is a great affirmation. The design of this device should combine functionality and robustness - and at the same time reflect the idea behind it: With the SDP, we have for the first time created a sensor that performs various tasks directly on the track - making it a milestone in wheel detection. We are particularly pleased that we have succeeded in making this visible," he summarized on the evening of the award ceremony.

A total of 6,400 entries from 50 countries were received for the iF Award 2019. These were divided into the categories Product, Packaging, Communication and Service Design/UX, Architecture and Interior Design as well as Professional Concept. Considering this impressive number of applicants, Frauscher is exceptionally proud to have received this award.

On 8 February 2019, the Indian Railways Signal & Telecommunication Engineers Licensing Organisation (IRSTELO) – which was established in July 2018 – issued its first certificate. It was handed over to Mr Sivasankara Rao Alla from Frauscher Sensor Technology India Private Limited by Mr N. Kashinath, Director General S&T at Indian Railways. “We are very proud, that one of our highly qualified employees is the first person in India to receive this certificate”, says Alok Sinha, Managing Director of Frauscher India.

IRSTELO certifies scheme designers, logic designers, design verifiers as well as installers, verification testers and functional testers, who are working on railway signalling and telecommunications. Their certificates ensure that experts, who have demonstrated appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude, only undertake these works. This contributes to increasing the whole Indian railway industry’s quality. Mr Sinha is confident: “Our colleague Sivasankara Rao Alla has applied for this license in October 2018. After he went through logbook preparation, case study discussions and exams it was proven that he meets all of IRSTELO’s criteria. After only four months he was awarded the certificate.”

Mr Alla is with Frauscher since 2013. He started as an engineer, becoming a customer service representative later on. For more than a year, he is a Senior Engineer taking care of testing and commissioning for the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC, which is more and more often used in Indian projects. Before working with Frauscher, he was employed as a testing and commissioning engineer at both Efftronics and Siemens after he completed his diploma in Electronics and instrumentation engineering at AANM & VVRSR Polytechnic college. Today he has over 14 years of experience as an active engineer in the railway industry.

“Receiving this certificate in the category signalling verification tester means a lot to me, personally – and of course as an employee of Frauscher Sensor Technology. The guidelines that must be met are in perfect line with our philosophy. Therefore, this is not only a strong signal to the railway industry, that Frauscher is a highly qualified and reliable partner for their projects. It is also a confirmation for us as a company and as engineers, that we’re on the right track”, Mr Alla concludes.

The acquisition of Frauscher Sensor Technology Group GmbH by the French Delachaux Group was finalised on 28 February 2019. The Delachaux Group now holds the majority stake in Frauscher with the remaining shares held by the Frauscher Management Team.

“The decision to become part of the Delachaux Group was a deliberate and carefully considered one by the Frauscher Management team. With Delachaux, we found a family-owned shareholder whose strategic goals are in line with ours. Delachaux can support Frauscher’s long-term sustainable growth with stability while preserving our core business values.  We have secured our global plans and research and development activities that will preserve our leadership position in train detection and enable us to enter new markets and segments,” says Michael Thiel, who will continue as CEO of Frauscher Sensor Technology Group. Additionally, Mr. Thiel will also serve as a member of the Delachaux Group Executive Committee.

The Delachaux Group is a global leader in mission-critical engineered solutions and focuses on sustainable and long-term growth. As a technology leader for safety-critical wheel detection, axle counting and tracking solutions, Frauscher fits perfectly into this business focus: As with all companies of the Delachaux Group, Frauscher’s products, services and systems are essential for the safety, reliability and efficiency of their customers' equipment and infrastructure.

Guy Talbourdet, CEO of the Delachaux Group, is also confident about the common future of the two entities: “We are delighted to welcome Frauscher to the Delachaux Group. To me, this acquisition is not only a wise business investment but also a choice from the heart. We share with Frauscher the same values of long term perspective, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, and I have no doubt that we will develop powerful synergies to provide innovative solutions to our customers in the rail industry.”

On 8 and 9 February 2019, Frauscher India Pvt. Ltd. participated in ExpoRail in New Delhi for the very first time. “Many visitors seized the chance to get in touch with our experts and to learn more about our products”, Sebastin Sahayaraj, Business Development and Marketing Manager at Frauscher India, reviews.

The conference provided visitors and exhibitors with the possibility to get an insight into latest technological developments within the rail industry. In this environment, Frauscher presented innovative solutions and systems, which met with great interest in the Indian railway market. These included Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS, the potential of which was demonstrated by means of a live connection to the Austrian Allerding. Via a screen, visitors were able to experience train tracking in real time. In addition, the experts discussed how Frauscher axle counters simplify the modernisation of existing systems with maximum flexibility and simple integration. Additionally, various applications based on reliable wheel detection systems were discussed.

“Among the visitors were representatives of well-known system integrators and railway operators, but also from the fields of research and development. In addition, the presence of representatives from Indian Railways and various Board Officials provided an opportunity for interesting meetings. Now we’re already looking forward to a number of further events that Frauscher is going to attend this year”, Sahayaraj concludes.

Further occasions to meet with experts from Frauscher can be found here.

In the second week of February 2019, the Global Management Team of Frauscher Sensor Technology gathered in Dubai. Their task: discuss future-oriented visions and strategies.

“In line with our philosophy to be present in global markets, we have discussed certain approaches to further align our global strategy with local requirements”, Gerhard Grundnig, Frauscher Chief Sales Officer, explains. “We frequently discuss how we can act optimally in regions that we’re active in. Events, such as this global management meeting, are just perfect to do this: Here, all Managing Directors from more than 10 Frauscher locations all over the globe can exchange their experience and views. We have seized the chance to discuss some projects and according experiences in detail. This enables us to bring together the vision and potential of our company with individual needs and forge strategies for individual markets. Apart from that, sharing such experiences leads to cross-fertilisation with ideas that our Managing Directors take with them for the demands of their own markets.”

The company's goals are ambitious, as they aim to exceed the outstanding results of recent years. In 2018, Frauscher increased its revenue to more than 70 Mil Euros. Globally, the company’s staff grew to a number of 430 employees. New, intelligent sensors and a comprehensive update of the innovative Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS have extended the portfolio. All in all, the bar is already high – but Grundnig is sure: “The discussions we had this week here in Dubai have strengthened my conviction: with intelligent sensors, learning systems and a unique range of services, Frauscher will continue to make a significant contribution to making rail an attractive transport route in the future.”

2019 has begun - and Frauscher is confident about the coming months. Once again this year, the company will present many exciting and future-oriented innovations. The basis for this is not only the experience gained in achieving various goals in 2018. The answers to some of the questions we asked ourselves also help - for example, "What moved us last year?" or "What are our goals for 2019?

Frauscher is certain of one thing: the potential of further digitization of the railways can be fully exploited through global cooperation, even stronger networking and industry-wide exchange. In this area of tension, the company's employees worldwide are looking forward to discussing again this year with well-known and new partners what they can achieve in 2019 and beyond - together and in close cooperation.

CMO Christian Pucher and his team have come up with something special for the start of the new year: "In order to inspire the thoughts of our customers and partners a little, we have created a short video that could perhaps bring them to new ideas, or at least to smile. Have fun!"

Video Thumbnail Season's Greetings 2019

Tip: Take the opportunity and meet us at one of the various trade fairs and events this year.

Towards the end of the year, Frauscher India provided all employees and their families with a special occasion: They invited them to celebrate a special family day. “This was a perfect possibility for our colleagues to introduce their partners and kids to what Frauscher does – and to what they are dealing with every day”, Alok Sinha, Managing Director Frauscher India, resumes.

According to this, a short presentation on the company’s latest activities and developments was given to start with the day. After that, things got more practical: All kids had the chance to give it a try with the soldering iron. In cooperation with their parents, they assembled some circuit boards with LED lights and other components. This was done in form of a competition – and in the end, the fastest solder was awarded with a special gift.

“This was the perfect transition to the fun part of this Family day”, Sinha tells. “The GK Hill View Resort, where we gathered, provided a perfectly equipped outdoor area”, he explains. There, all families spent a great afternoon in the pool, playing table tennis, riding quad bikes or just hanging out and relaxing. And it wasn’t just the kids that enjoyed the day really much – when everybody was set to leave, they all agreed that this is crying out for a repeat.

From 5-7 June 2019, the WDF will go into the next round. The renowned branch meeting will again take place in Vienna, Austria. Under the top line “Intelligent sensing and tracking”, more than 250 experts from all over the globe are expected to gather. In the conference’s yet so much appreciated atmosphere, they will discuss latest trends and developments as well as opportunities and ideas regarding innovative sensing and tracking solutions for train localisation and asset condition monitoring.

Make sure to save the date and to stay informed by registering for this unique event’s newsletter. Registration will open soon!

From 8-9 February, Frauscher India Pvt. Ltd. will participate in ExpoRail in New Delhi for the very first time. The exhibition is a great opportunity for Frauscher to strengthen the business relationship in this market.

At the stand, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about further developed applications of Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS. Train tracking as a main application now offers enhanced accuracy and reliability on speed, direction and detection of the front/rear end of a train. Continuous asset condition monitoring (ACM) provides insight into the change of the condition of various components when trains are passing. Additionally, the well-proven Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC will be showcased. Frauscher axle counters are able to provide higher-level systems with a broad range of information beyond just train detection.

Visit Frauscher on stand C40 and get more information on our innovative developments. Our experts are looking forward to interesting ideas and discussions.

Frauscher has had an active presence in North America for three years now. Vivek Caroli, Managing Director Frauscher Sensor Technology USA Inc. takes a look back – and forward.

In just three years, his team has grown to a headcount of 10 employees – plus one colleague who represents the company with an office in Toronto, Canada. The hard work, high level of knowledge and determination of the team, based in Princeton, NJ, attracted the attention of railway operators and experts across North America. The market’s faith in Frauscher was exemplified in 2018 by a record year across every sales metric, with sensor sales increasing by nearly 300%. Since the railway industry requires long validation periods for new technologies, trial installations have always been an important part of Frauscher’s business development efforts. The number of trial installations being conducted in the US and Canada has now increased by 75%. Earlier trials have been converted into strong, year-over-year sales accounts during 2018.

The North American Frauscher team proudly states that every Class 1 freight railway in North America has installed the company’s sensors. In an interview, Caroli explains the factors that have led to success for Frauscher USA, as well as the next steps he has planned for this growing operation.

More than 200 employees at the Frauscher location in Austria got in the mood for the upcoming holidays together again.

Almost the entire staff spent a convivial evening with brilliant musical accompaniment and culinary highlights.

But it was not only in Austria that people celebrated. In the UK, the motto of this year’s annual “Christmas celebrations” was “Hollywood night”.

Frauscher US instead, visited various local breweries in Pennsylvania. The colleagues in Poland and Australia enjoyed an evening with a Christmas menu in Katowice and Melbourne.

With these solemn impressions from some locations, the whole Frauscher team wishes you happy holidays and a successful new year!

Our employees in Austria spend the days between Christmas and New Year at home with their families and friends. From 2 January they are gladly again attainable for you.

The Tanzania Railway Corporation has commissioned the Turkish company Yapi Merkezi to implement a new railway line in the African country. The first of a total of five sections will cover some 205 kilometres. From Dar Es Salaam on the coast to Morogoro.

Yapi chose the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC and the Wheel Sensor RSR180 for the planning of the track vacancy detection system. The contract was signed in early October 2018 by Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology, and Orze Arioglu, CEO Yapi Merkezi Global Construction Group. In total, around 450 counting heads will be installed on the first two construction phases alone.

The modularity and flexible interfaces of the FAdC allow Yapi the greatest possible independence in infrastructure design. The axle counter can be easily and quickly integrated into various interlockings. The RSR180 has already proven its reliability in various markets around the globe.

On 16 November 2018, Frauscher was invited to give a speech at the “Railway Engineering Technology Forum”, which was organised by the Department of Civil Engineering, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Taiwan. The target of this forum is building a platform to discuss academic researches with Taiwan railway administrations as well as operators. Local and international companies from the railway industry are invited to share their experiences and innovations.

The theme of this year’s event was “Era of Intelligent and Robust Railway”.

Tim Lin, Customer Service Engineer at Frauscher’s recently opened representative office in Taiwan, took this opportunity. He gave a presentation on “Modern Axle Counters for Railway Signaling Systems”. The audience, which included representatives from government administrations, such as MOTC and TRA, railway operators, for example KRTC and THSRC, consultants and academics, was highly interested in his remarks.

NCKU will continue holding the forum annually to establish it as one of the major information platforms for the railway industry in Taiwan.

In order to identify the challenges and opportunities in supplier management and to make the best possible use of them, the 3rd Frauscher Suppliers Day was held in St. Marienkirchen on 18 October 2018. 53 representatives of the invited suppliers were able to get an idea of the importance and further use of their products at Frauscher.

Under the motto "Efficient Supply Chain - together into a digital future", Michael Thiel, CEO, Anita Flieher, Manager Procurement, and Maria Reisinger, Director QEHS/Compliance provided insights into the development at Frauscher within the last two years. Michael Thiel opened the event with interesting information about the company. Anita Flieher presented the challenges arising from digitalisation in supplier management and the measures created at Frauscher regarding this development. The high importance of quality and quality awareness at Frauscher was conveyed by Maria Reisinger in her presentation. After that, the visitors were guided in groups through the production areas. They were able to discover the way in which their products make an important contribution to a smooth production at Frauscher.

A highlight of the event was the award ceremony, where the best suppliers from 2016 and 2017 were honored for their efforts. As measured by quality, delivery performance, price, cooperation and certification, the award for 2016 went to Intermas Austria GmbH and for 2017 to H&S Kabeltechnik. After the award ceremony, the participants had the chance to exchange views at the networking dinner. 

Wayside sensors that help to reduce components along the track? New systems that decrease complexity when implemented? Sounds contradictory, but it is possible! At InnoTrans 2018, Frauscher demonstrated how this can work. Under the motto "Discover intelligent sensors. Innovations to simplify railway operations" the company presented corresponding solutions at stand 232 in hall 25.

Firstly, a completely new sensor was presented, in the innovative SENSiS system. The Detection Point DP combines proven capabilities of inductive sensors with the possibilities of the Internet of Things - becoming a smart device on track. Secondly, the new possibilities enabled by further developments of the Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS were also displayed. Especially the opportunity to monitor complete infrastructures in real time via an intuitive user interface caused a sensation. The optimised system detects defects in track and train components at a very early stage. This enables condition-based maintenance strategies, which will replace time-based maintenance cycles.

"All in all, it was one of the most successful appearances that we have had in Berlin for 16 years," Christian Pucher, CMO Frauscher Sensor Technology sums up. "We had even more discussions and made more contacts than two years ago - and attracted even more attention. The feedback we received was overwhelming. At the same time, we collected a lot of input about which applications can be implemented with our new solutions and what expectations can be met with them. With regard to the development of infrastructure monitoring, we want to work closely with various operators, system integrators and partners in the future - such as Vossloh and Siemens Mobility, as announced at the trade fair. This InnoTrans marked a clear milestone in our development process, and the beginning of many more things to come."

Impressions and further information about Frauscher’s highlights at the show can be found at

From 18 to 21 September InnoTrans opens its doors again. “Discover intelligent sensors” with Frauscher Sensor Technology as we present our latest innovations and visionary concepts in hall 25, stand 232.

Are you looking to exploit the potential of digitalization and simplify your operational network? Frauscher combines proven best-in-class technologies with new digital ideas and creates intelligent wayside sensors that deliver accurate data. Consistent developments using the latest technology, have taken track vacancy detection and condition based maintenance to the next level.

Arrange a meeting with a Frauscher expert at InnoTrans. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our stand.

Frauscher at InnoTrans 2018

IRSE China hosted a technical workshop on “Big data based on railway health management and maintenance” in Beijing Jiao Tong University on 29 June. Senior staff from China Railway Corporation, researchers from China Academy of Railway Sciences, and executives from some Chinese railway industry companies also attended the workshop. They discussed on topics like “Maintenance of signaling system”, “PHM key technology of signalling system”, “Digitalization of railway management” and “Intelligent maintenance management”.

The workshop accelerated the development of railway health management and maintenance technology in China. It promoted the cooperation and communication between universities, research institutes and enterprises in the railway industry.

Ma Jin, Managing Director of Frauscher China, also participated in the workshop. “Frauscher has been working intensively on the development of signaling technology and digitalisation of railway. The discussions with railway experts affirmed our business confidence,” he emphasized.

In June, Frauscher made an important step forward in the Taiwanese railway market. This was marked by a contract signing ceremony with MiTAC Information Technology Corp.

The South-Link line in Taiwan, operated by Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) will be equipped with the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC and Wheel Sensor RSR123. The project comprises over 600 counting heads and 12 stations, for which the system will be integrated by MiTAC Information Technology Corp.

Mayank Tripathi, Business Development Director at Frauscher Sensor Technology, emphasizes: “This project will see the most modern axle counting solution deployed in the country and will be trend-setting.”

Last week, over 300 railway experts from Taiwan and Japan met in Taipei at the “2018 Railways Industries Technology & Railway Signalling System Conference”. They discussed the industry's latest innovations and trends – with digitalization being a major subject of interest. Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology, gave a valuable outlook to future sensor technologies and developments based on innovations like the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Additional presentations from Frauscher on “Modern axle counters” and “The next generation of train tracking” showed innovative solutions with Frauscher products and developments. During the networking breaks, participants had the opportunity to get further information on Frauscher wheel detection and axle counting systems at a small exhibition area, which was received with great interest and led to many interesting conversations.

Representatives from Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA), Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp or the Railway Reconstruction Bureau and many more participated in this successful event. It was organized by the Chinese Institute of Engineers, Alfa Transit Enterprise Corporation and Frauscher Sensor Technology.

Including about 2.000 participants, 160 conference delegates and 10 Asian railway operators on 2.500 m², the Rail Solutions Asia 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia represents one of the leading railway shows in Asia.

For the 7th time already Frauscher participated at the Advantage Austria Stand and got the opportunity for many interesting discussions with visitors from South East Asia. From 2-4 May the exhibition always poses a great opportunity for Frauscher to interact with the Asian market, evaluate new possibilities and strengthen the business relationship to this interesting market.

Amongst the great number of participants and visitors Frauscher was especially honored not only to be a Silver Sponsor this year, but also hosted the Signalling & Communications Workshop on Thursday, 3 May. Alok Sinha, Managing Director of Frauscher India led through interesting presentations by HIMA and KL Consult and Akhilesh Yadav, COO Frauscher India.

Constantly strengthening its position in Southeast Asia, Frauscher has increased its product presence in several countries during the last years. One of which is Vietnam, where the company has now a new partner to support local operators and system integrators with sales activities and customer service.

EUROASIATIC VIETNAM is active in Vietnam since 1992 and had its first office opened in October 1995 in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). The company is part of the EUROASIATIC-GROUP, which was established in 1969. From the first days, the railway industry was of high importance for all partners within this group. Their philosophy to transfer machinery, technologies and know-how from Europe to Asia fits perfectly with Frauscher’s strategy to provide tailored service and solutions for railway markets all over the globe.

In that course, Frauscher recently opened three further offices in Toronto (Canada), Haguenau (France) and Dubai (Arabian Emirates). For contact-details visit

In only five years since the market entry in 2013, Frauscher Sensor Technology has achieved strong growth in India. To meet increasing market demands, the staff in Bengaluru recently moved to a new office, where visitors will now be welcome in representative premises for discussions and trainings.

Thereby Frauscher India strengthens its ability to meet the requirements it faces. “The potential that we discovered in India is in fact even greater than we initially thought. Additionally we have established our product presence and in SEA countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Korea”, says Alok Sinha, Managing Director of Frauscher India. “Within only five years, the location grew from two to approximately 100 employees. We established a dedicated R&D team and increased our order backlog to 40 million euros.”

The opening of the new office was celebrated on 15 February 2018. After a meet and greet, which was followed by the official inauguration, all participants gathered at the Shangri-La Hotel Bengaluru for an evening event. There Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology spoke about the visions of Frauscher. Akhilesh Yadav, COO Frauscher Sensor Technology India Private Limited, gave a speech on the latest innovations in axle counting, partially produced in Frauscher India’s own production plant in Mysuru. Another office in Delhi provides customers in India with additional support.

Full address of the new office in Bengaluru is:
Frauscher Sensor Technology India Private Limited
Level 5, Prestige Khoday Tower | No. 5, Raj Bhavan Road | Bengaluru 560001 | INDIA