The fourth Wheel Detection Forum has set new benchmarks for this now well established industry event. System integrators, operators, manufacturers, representatives from science and other interested associations gathered in Vienna from 4 to 6 October to discuss the latest trends and innovations in train tracking and related technologies. 262 participants from 36 countries experienced more than 20 speeches and presentations, accompanied by special occasions for networking.

The conference has been characterised by a highly topical agenda focussing on new technologies for train tracking. In their presentations the speakers contributed to a subject pool which was perceived as interesting, diverse and future oriented by all participants. As delegates from railway markets all over the globe, they brought in a wide range of ideas on how to create “the future of train tracking” together. As in previous years, the event also provided great opportunities for networking in a relaxed atmosphere. A special highlight was the Wheel Detection TALK, which was framed by the historical but elegant atmosphere of Schönbrunn Orangery.

“The Wheel Detection Forum is an ideal opportunity to connect with each other and to get updated about latest state of the art technologies”, summaries Akimasa Okada, Engineer for signalling systems with East Japan Railway Company. His fellow participant Denis D’Aoust, Co-founder and President of Wayside Inspection Devices Inc., was very impressed by the diversity of the audience: “I am more used to US or Canadian conferences as I come from Canada. Here we have a greater diversity of the speakers, because they come from different countries and different environments – the Wheel Detection Forum was very interesting and I really enjoyed it and hopefully I’ll be able to come to another one.”

The philosophy of the WDF is to drive the development of the railway industry forward by working together, focussing on the future and close cooperation. “The main challenges faced by railway operators, system integrators, suppliers and other contributors to the railways are similar across the globe, but due to specific legal guidelines and standards, solutions have to be developed to solve the individual market requirements. In times of accelerating developments within and all around our industry it is now more important than ever to build global networks and to learn from each other”, concludes Christian Pucher, Marketing Director at Frauscher Sensor Technology.

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Today afternoon, Wheel Detection Forum 2017 will start. More than 260 industry experts from 36 countries will get together in Vienna, Austria to discuss the future of train tracking. The conference will focus on state-of-the-art solutions based on wheel detection, axle counting and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), as well as on alternative tracking technologies. The next three days, 27 speakers from all over the globe will share their knowledge and give you insights into latest trends and visions in digitisation, railway signalling, and more – thus making the conference an outstanding industry event.

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After having moved to its new office in Farnborough some weeks ago, Frauscher UK now hosted its first Technology Day with focus on “Future Technologies”. Besides discussing new trends and solutions regarding wheel detection, axle counting and tracking technologies in an exclusive atmosphere, the participants also had the chance to experience the company’s latest product line Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS at first hand.

The Technology Day started with a meet and greet, followed by a networking lunch. In the afternoon, new ideas and approaches to current and future technologies were discussed. Oliver Marshall and Andrew Hall from Frauscher UK introduced the participants to the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC and its innovative features as well as to Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS. By combining Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) with well-proven railway technologies, such as axle counters or wheel detection systems, this product line enables a range of new applications.

The Technology Day participants seized the chance to deepen their knowledge and understanding of axle counting and tracking technology during the live demonstrations and to discuss individual requirements and ideas with the Frauscher staff. Furthermore the event was a great networking opportunity that everybody clearly enjoyed.

Last year Frauscher underlined its innovative strength once again with the launch of a new product line based on Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS): Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS. Martin Rosenberger, Product Management Director at Frauscher Sensor Technology, indicates the strong importance of this step: “Being the first to combine this new approach with proven wheel detection systems and axle counters opens up a variety of new opportunities and possibilities – and it enables us to provide our customers with single solutions for a wide range of applications.”

In fact FTS was seen as one of the most interesting and promising innovations at InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin, as Rosenberger reports. “Several operators, system integrators and research institutes are highly interested in using and developing this technology further together with us.” Currently, Frauscher has already conducted more than ten installations, with more scheduled for the near future.

The De Sales Music Academy in Bengaluru, India is a music school modelled on Austrian pattern. Seven years after its opening it will be expanded by a language school. Frauscher is supporting this project with 15,000 euros – about one million Indian rupees.

To provide the students of the De Sales Music Academy with more than a profound musical education, an own language school is being established on the campus, where English language and culture shall be taught. Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology, was very positive on that idea: “Projects like this are highly valuable to intensify cultural exchange and to foster mutual understanding.” Additionally, a good command of English facilitates the access to employment in local as well as in global markets. Together with Schärding’s district commissioner Rudolf Greiner, who personally supports the project and already visited Bengaluru in 2010, Thiel handed over a cheque in the amount of 15,000 euros to Santhosh Kumar, the founder and director of the De Sales Music Academy.

The idea for establishing an Indian music school modelled on Austrian pattern first came up during Kumar’s stay in Brunnenthal in the district of Schärding in 2004, when he got to know the concept of Upper Austrian state music schools. Kumar, a reverend of the Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales and himself a passionate musician, at once was enthusiastic about this educational system. He wanted to provide the children in Bengaluru as well as his seminary’s students a similar musical education. With ideational and financial support from Austria, Kumar conducted provisional music classes until he was able to finally open his music school in 2010.

Since then there is a steady contact between Brunnenthal and Bengaluru with Kumar returning to Austria every year. But also Frauscher in particular has a good and close relationship with Bengaluru, as the company’s second largest location with more than 50 employees and a huge market potential is situated there.

Ever since its foundation, Frauscher has followed an intensive strategy of global growth. Throughout the years, this approach has been implemented in a very sustainable way. In 2016, several milestones were achieved showing that Frauscher is on the right track to grow and remain as the market leader in a very competitive environment.

Through its international efforts, the company raised its sales and profit to the highest in its history: In 2016, Frauscher Sensor Technology significantly increased its order intake by almost 80% from 43.4 million euros to 77.0 million euros. On a global level, Frauscher cooperates with a range of sales partners and is represented by ten locations all over the world, two of which, Frauscher India and Frauscher Brazil, were able to more than triple their turnover in 2016. To meet increasing demands in services and products, the new Frauscher Innovation Centre was opened in Austria and the sensor production site has been extended. Additionally this year, more talent has been hired than ever before – some of whom have joined the company’s recently established locations in Australia and the USA, where some major projects have just been realised.

“Looking back on our company’s achievements in 2016 I am sure, that we are on the right track. As this trend will continue, we are aiming to hire another 80 employees over all our locations and open an additional office in France this year”, Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology, concludes.

Frauscher has been awarded a contract by the French system integrator ENGIE INEO, through its subsidiary INEO Urban Transportation Solutions, for supplying the new T2 line as well as the T1 line extension of the Casablanca Tramway in Morocco. ENGIE INEO will develop the railway signalling system for both lines, while Frauscher will supply them with its most modern axle counter.

In order to enable optimum implementation, five engineers and managers of ENGIE INEO’s project team passed an extensive system training on the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC at Frauscher Austria two weeks ago. Apart from that, the Frauscher R&D department developed a customer-specific type of the grooved rail claw, which is adapted to the special track construction and environment in Morocco. All in all the very good cooperation between both companies’ teams over the last few months prefigures a promising future partnership.

The Casablanca Tramway is Morocco’s longest tram system. Opened to public in December 2012, it currently consists of almost 50 stations at a length of around 30 km. Its first tram line T1 will be extended by 1.8 km within the next months; line T2 will be commissioned in late 2018 and will have 33 stations at a length of 22.5 km.

During the last few years it has become clear that fibre optic sensing technologies will shape the future of the global railway industry. In order to provide greater awareness of the benefits and applications of these technologies, the Fiber Optic Sensing Association (FOSA) has been launched in Washington, D. C. today. Frauscher is one of its founding members.

FOSA is the first US trade association dedicated to fibre optic sensing. Its focus will be on educating industry, government and the public on the benefits of this cutting-edge technology which uses deviations of light in fibre optic cables to remotely measure acoustics, temperature and strain. When used on railways, this enables a variety of different applications, e.g. to track trains, monitor asset conditions, secure infrastructure or protect personnel in real-time.

“Fibre optic sensing has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of many millions of Americans, enhance business operations, and create jobs”, said Thomas Cohen, FOSA’s Executive Director. “This new organization will educate key players in all sectors and promote awareness of fibre sensing technology to help accelerate the use of this critical technology.”

Apart from Frauscher, FOSA’s initial membership includes AFL, Corning Incorporated, Ditch Witch, Dura-Line Corporation, Fotech Solutions, Integrated Roadways, OFS, Omnisens, OptaSense, Oz Optics, and Prysmian. The new organization will hold its inaugural meeting in Washington, D. C. in May 2017.

For more information about FOSA and its mission, please visit:

Almost 12 000 visitors from 25 countries made this year’s Eurasia Rail in Istanbul, Turkey a full success. So was Frauscher’s exhibition appearance: the products and solutions of the Austrian technology leader were very well received and met with great interest on the visitors’ side. Especially the company’s latest innovation, called Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS, attracted much attention. This Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) based product line opens up a wide range of new applications to track trains, monitor asset conditions, secure infrastructure and protect personnel.

Apart from existing and potential customers, a lot of students and professors from near universities visited the Eurasia Rail. This enabled the Frauscher staff to socialise to local young and senior academics. Some of them are taking part in a railway focused degree programme, where they already got in touch with wheel sensors. One of their professors used the displayed Frauscher wheel sensors to practically demonstrate his students the inductive sensing principle and the sensors’ mode of operation. Overall Eurasia Rail clearly indicated the good standing that Frauscher has in the region.

Frauscher and Alstom deepen their relationship in a long-term leading supplier agreement. Frauscher has joined the Alstom Alliance, the strategic partnership program of Alstom. The charter was signed by Olivier Baril, CPO Alstom, and Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology. Alstom Alliance acknowledges approx. 30 companies who work closely with Alstom in terms of business development, industrial excellence as well as products and innovations.

“It is a key objective of Alstom to fulfil customer’s expectations of quality, excellence, innovation and costs. Therefore we are sure that it is more important than ever today to attract and develop jointly rewarding, long-term partnerships with suppliers who have proven ability in the increasingly competitive global railway market. Companies who are known to deliver the highest quality, most innovative and cost-efficient products to market in a reliable, ethical and timely fashion are acknowledged and supported through Alstom Alliance. Frauscher fits perfectly with these requirements and we are looking forward to a close cooperation”, said Olivier Baril.

Michael Thiel agrees and emphasizes Frauscher’s view on the most important corner stones of the agreement: “We think that sharing strategic information and business intelligence implies great value for Frauscher and Alstom as suppliers, as well as for our customers. In the end it is them who benefit from improved operational performance due to useful capacity adjustments, continuous value chain optimization and even greater innovative strength based on an open exchange of requirements and approaches of global players.”

Since 2011 the Wheel Detection Forum has become firmly established in the railway signalling industry. This year once again more than 200 leading experts are awaited to join its fourth edition, which will take place from 4 to 6 October in Vienna, Austria.

This great interest has been confirmed by the call for papers, which was announced for the first time this year in order to facilitate the selection of speakers and to lift the event’s standards on a new level. Additionally the format of the WDF has been adapted and extended to fit its continuous growth and practiced internationality.

Under the motto “The future of train tracking”, this year’s programme will include six instead of four panels. For this reason there will also be lectures on Friday morning. They will outline future challenges, latest research results and improvements in RAMS management. Thereby the focus on use cases and best practices will be even stronger than it was the last years.

During the next few months a first programme draft will be compiled. Make sure not to miss the latest news and sign in for regular updates on

The turn of the year is a good opportunity to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and the valued cooperation. We are looking forward to new projects in 2017 – and to personally welcoming you at our 4th Wheel Detection Forum next October in Vienna.


Frauscher season’s greetings from all around the world


Save the date: exhibitions and conferences in 2017

In 2017, Frauscher Sensor Technology will be represented at a range of international exhibitions and conferences. We are looking forward to welcoming you at one of these occasions.

• Eurasia Rail, 2–4 March, Istanbul, TR
• Global Rail Infrastructure Management Summit, 9–10 March, Frankfurt, DE
• SIFER, 21–23 March, Lille, FR
• Secure Rail, 5–6 April, Orlando, US
• Safe Rail, 11–12 April, Washington, US
• ASLRRA, 22–25 April, Grapevine, US
• Wayside Train Monitoring Systems, 26–27 April, Berlin, DE
• Railtex, 9–11 May, Birmingham, UK
• Rail Solutions Asia, 24–26 May, Kuala Lumpur, MY
• Africa Rail, 13–14 June, Johannesburg, ZA
• RailLog Korea, 14–17 June, Busan, KR
• IHHA, 2–6 September, Cape Town, ZA
• Railway Interchange, 17–20 September, Indianapolis, US
• TRAKO, 26–29 September, Gdansk, PL
Wheel Detection Forum, 4–6 October, Vienna, AT
• NT Expo, 7–9 November, São Paulo, BR
• AusRail PLUS, 21–23 November, Brisbane, AU
• IRSE Aspect, 28–29 November, Singapore, SG

In 2015 the Josef Frauscher Private Foundation and Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology, agreed on a management buyout (MBO) of the whole Frauscher Sensor Technology Group. Consequently the business group was, in association with the current management, acquired by Greenbriar Equity Group LLC by 1 October 2016.

Greenbriar is located in New York, USA and is specialised in investing in world leading corporations within the global transport industry. Greenbriar holds the majority of Frauscher Sensor Technology Group. This step allows the current Frauscher management under CEO Michael Thiel to continue its successful innovation and growth strategy of the previous years and to maintain and strengthen the company’s business development as an independent supplier for wheel detection, axle counting and train tracking worldwide.

Michael Thiel points out that “this is an exciting time for the entire Frauscher organization. We are eager to work with Greenbriar as our new partner to continue to implement our growth strategy. Their extensive experience and relationships in the rail industry will be invaluable as we expand our presence in North America and introduce new technologies into the marketplace.”

Michael Weiss, Managing Director at Greenbriar, said: “Frauscher has established itself as the clear technology and quality leader in the industry. We are excited to partner with Michael Thiel and his team and look forward to supporting the company during its next growth phase. We are particularly excited about Frauscher’s opportunities to leverage its differentiated product offering within new and existing geographic markets and develop innovative products.”

This year’s InnoTrans in Berlin was a very special one for the Austrian sensing experts of Frauscher. Long known partners and customers have been met, new contacts have been made – and of course the legendary Frauscher stand party was a great evening for the team and its guests.

Besides having launched the product line Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS and presenting new strong tools for the proven axle counter Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC, the company revealed a new brand design. All along the new stand, which provided two floors for the first time, visitors found new video material, brochures and the latest issue of Frauscher’s customer magazine Ultimate Rail which has been published in a new layout, too.

“We got an overwhelming positive feedback for this package of a fresh design and fascinating new products and technologies. Visitors from international companies and innovation partners joined us for professional discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. The high interest in our innovations exceeded our expectations by far. This fits perfect with our philosophy to continuously strengthen Frauscher’s position as a global technology leader within the railway industry”, remarked Christian Pucher, Marketing Director Frauscher Sensor Technology.

In order to further develop its new product line Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS, which has been presented as a world premiere at the InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin last week, Frauscher has found an innovative partner in Fotech Solutions. The London-based company already has delivered Distributed Acousting Sensing (DAS) applications to the Pipeline, Security and Oil & Gas markets – and it shares Frauscher’s vision and philosophy.

Chris Shannon, CEO Fotech Solutions, is convinced of the partnership: “We decided that to take our technology to the rail market we would need to work with people who not only have experience of rail sensors and the rail market, but the vision to deliver this new technology into the industry. In Frauscher this vision has been realised and as we continue to innovate together we are sure that DAS will prove to be an industry game changer.”

Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology, gives an outlook: “In order to push our latest achievements to the next level, we are investing even more in research and development in the future.” And yet the company has set appropriate steps: Under the leadership of Frauscher, a joint research and development team has been founded lately. Its members combine their knowledge about signalling, axle counting, wheel detection and DAS.

In close cooperation with interested operators, various applications are being developed and tested under real life conditions in the field. For that purpose, existing Fotech-DAS-systems will be optimised for their use in FTS. Possibilities for integrated solutions with Frauscher axle counters and wheel detection systems will be created. Those solutions will be provided to the to the railway industry exclusively by Frauscher.

At this year’s InnoTrans in Berlin, Frauscher launched its new product line Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS. The Austrian company is the first supplier of rail technology, who has solved the issues of bringing DAS-based solutions to railways. The high interest in this world premiere exceeded the company’s expectations by far.

Peter Bradley, who took on the role as FTS Director, has been involved with this Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) for over seven years. He is convinced that it will revolutionise the railway industry: “My goal was to deploy this technology safely in the rail sector – and with Frauscher this goal has been realised. Some solutions for railway specific applications have already been developed. They are now available and can be provided to the market. Due to the overwhelming feedback and results that we collected in several pilot installations and at InnoTrans 2016, we are sure that DAS has the potential to become a base technology for railway operations in the near future.”

Also Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology, is convinced of the high potential that this fascinating technology offers to the railway industry: “FTS fits perfectly with our existing portfolio. They can be combined with our core systems for axle counting and wheel detection. Thus, we can provide our customers with massively expanded options.”

Before InnoTrans, some first railway specific approaches have been developed to a status that allows a presentation to the markets. After the overwhelming feedback in Berlin, Frauscher will invest even more in research and development to further develop this completely new approach.

With its global network of subsidiaries and representative offices, Frauscher ensures that its customers always get the best local support. Additionally the company has nurtured successful collaborative relationships with sales and service partners in various countries worldwide, which contribute to an individual and fast customer service.

In the beginning of August, a one-week training session for the employees of two new sales partners took place at the Frauscher HQs in St. Marienkirchen, Austria. CIBA Group will look after Frauscher customers in Mexico, whereas the Jakarta based company PT Cakra Wibawa will take care for Indonesia. During their training week in Austria the engineers of both companies got an in-depth instruction in different axle counters and wheel detection systems. Frauscher will be relying on the local support these engineers will provide and to a long and fruitful cooperation.

True to the motto “The new generation of live tracking”, Frauscher presents an absolute world premiere at the InnoTrans 2016 from 20 to 23 September in Berlin: Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS has the potential to lead to a revolution in railway operation.


Positive and encouraging results of evaluating the use of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), which is the base technology of FTS, within the last months have convinced Frauscher to develop this new product line. When used in combination with well-proven railway technologies such as axle counters or wheel detection systems, it will open up a wide range of applications, for instance to track trains, monitor asset conditions, protect personnel and secure infrastructure.


On the first evening of the exhibition Frauscher invites to a stand party in order to celebrate this world premiere together. All visitors can gain a deeper insight into FTS as well as in the company’s product world ­– and they can enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere with drinks, lounge music and Austrian delicacies.


The Frauscher exhibition team with contact persons from every subsidiary worldwide is looking forward to your visit in hall 25, at stand 232. Secure an individual appointment today at

From 28 to 29 June Frauscher took part in the Africa Rail 2016 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. There was a joint exhibition appearance together with the company’s Sub-Saharan sales and service partner Gear Rail. Their main focus at the Africa Rail was on providing insights into innovative and reliable axle counting solutions. Notably the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC, the company’s latest axle counter generation, stimulated the audience’s interests at the joint exhibition booth.


The Africa Rail is the continent’s largest and longest running rail exposition. It features a widely attended exhibition as well as a keynote conference with notable roundtable discussions and four country spotlights. Over 6,000 attendees and 800 delegates were expected to visit this year’s 19th edition of Africa Rail.

This year’s InnoTrans will be held from 20 to 23 September 2016 in Berlin, Germany. As it is the leading international trade fair in transport technology, exhibitors as well as guests have high expectations. To respond this great interest, Frauscher is yet spreading information about their plans for this event.


True to the motto “The new generation of live tracking”, the company will present the latest innovative functions of the established axle counter Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC as well as the brand new product line Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS. They both generate more relevant information with less effort – as Frauscher makes it simpler for system integrators as well as railway operators to obtain the important information they need to operate, protect, manage and monitor their operational network.


More information on FTS and the FAdC as well as on the company’s trade fair appearance at InnoTrans 2016 can be found at

The summer has arrived in St. Marienkirchen, Austria just in time for the annual Frauscher summer festival: with over 32 °C, the 24 June was the hottest day of the year up to now. About 300 employees and guests enjoyed the perfect weather and the diverse activity programme at the long-awaited corporate event until late in the evening.


“Every year our summer festival is a very special highlight for our whole team. It’s not only colleagues that come together here for well and easy talks apart from their work routine, but it’s also their families, partners and children that join us in this event. This contributes essentially to this day’s familiar and unconstrained atmosphere, which also characterises our working life in a certain manner”, says Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology.


The festival started right after the opening of the new Frauscher Innovation Centre, which will function as an international hub for all the company’s research and development activities in the future. The numerous attendees from politics, media and public seized the chance to complete the opening ceremony together with the Frauscher employees in a relaxed environment.

Last Friday, the new Frauscher Innovation Centre at the company’s head office in St. Marienkirchen, Austria was inaugurated after only 18 months of construction time. The grand opening was attended by numerous representatives from politics and media, as well as by employees and guests. The Product Management, the RAMS Management as well as the Research and Development department have already moved into the new building. Housing 75 workplaces, it provides these departments with space to increase their size.


The architecture has been deliberately kept plain and straight, with a modern and functional working environment. All three floors provide open plan space. The light-flooded offices on the first and second floor are state-of-the-art regarding room setup and conditions. The ground floor offers space for modern laboratories and testing equipment, which make the Frauscher Innovation Centre an international platform for all the research and development activities of Frauscher. “Inputs from our customers and subsidiaries as well as from universities and research institutions all over the globe will be gathered and evaluated here”, says Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology. “This enables continuous product development and therefore makes the opening of this Innovation Centre an important milestone in strengthening our position as international technology leader in railway signalling.”


The attendees were able to assure themselves of the practised innovative capacity in the Frauscher Innovation Centre on guided tours. After the opening ceremony, all visitors and guests were invited to complete the day at the annual Frauscher summer festival.

From 11 to 13 May Frauscher participated in this year’s Rail Solutions Asia (RSA) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which was Asia’s first major railway event in 2016. The trade show featured leading products and services from railway integrators and operators from all over the region and witnessed about 1,500 participants on three days.


Frauscher’s main focus at the RSA was to promote its latest axle counter generation, the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC, whose innovative functions like the Supervisor Track Section (STS) process were very well received among the attendants. Using STS, faults within fault-prone sections or at neuralgic detection points can be corrected automatically. In addition, the resistance to faults can be increased further on busy lines.


With its strong appearance at the RSA 2016, Frauscher has established new contacts and strengthened existing ones. Thus the company is looking forward in attending the event in 2017 for the sixth consecutive time and to present new innovative solutions once again.

Frauscher is participating at the Rail Solutions Asia 2016 taking place at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 11 to 13 May. The exhibition attracts the world’s top railway suppliers from areas of Turnkey & General, Rolling Stock, Permanent Way & Infrastructure as well as Signalling & Telecommunications and witnesses about 1800 to 2000 participants each year.


Frauscher is participating for the fifth consecutive time in the event. Due to the great feedback from earlier editions of this exhibition, the Frauscher experts who are on-site are looking very forward to meet existing and new customers and discuss their requirements. Visit our stand no. 46 and learn more about Frauscher components and solutions.


For more information on the conference please visit the Rail Solutions Asia website

With great sense of achievement Frauscher India announces that Hitachi, Ltd., has selected Frauscher’s technology to be integrated in their axle counting system which will be part of their integrated signalling solution for mainline projects in India.


To support the projects in the most efficient way and to create a dedicated long term maintenance support, Frauscher India and Hitachi founded an axle counting technology joint company, which will provide the axle counting system to Hitachi.


Alok Sinha, Managing Director Frauscher Sensor Technology India Private Ltd, said: “We are proud to support Hitachi with specific know-how to fulfil their customer requirements in the most efficient way. This also establishes the flexibility of Frauscher’s business model to adapt the solution to the customer’s requirements. This is a great success in our strategy to be the market leader in India as an independent solution provider for train tracking and wheel detection. Together with Frauscher India’s existing achievements like in projects for MRVC Mumbai, Metro projects in Delhi and Kochi, various projects on Indian Railways and projects in Asian regions, this distinctly demonstrates that Frauscher India is the preferred partner for major signalling system integrators in the Indian sub-continent.”

The ASLRRA Connections 2016 took place from 4 to 6 April at National Harbor, Maryland. This event was an excellent opportunity for Frauscher US to address the requirements of the North American short line and regional railroads market and to demonstrate Frauscher’s capabilities as one of the industry’s leaders in axle counter and wheel detection technology.


Many customers inquired about the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC and the company’s onsite team of engineers was able to introduce them to this latest generation axle counter with an Ethernet-based software interface.


The Frauscher Wheel Sensor RSR110 was also very well received amongst the visitors as a solution that can be easily integrated into electronics of any system thanks to its open analogue interface. It enables system integrators to adapt the interpretation of the signal perfectly in line with individual requirements.


With its strong presence at the ASLRRA Connections 2016, Frauscher US was able to establish new business relationships as well as strengthen existing ones. The company looks forward to attending the ASLRRA next year where it will continue to grow its presence as a supplier of axle counters and wheel sensors in the North America railway industry.

The new ultimate rail issue is available now for download. There you will find a comprehensive review of the very successful Wheel Detection Forum 2015 as well as an exclusive report on the expansion of the sensor production at the Frauscher headquarters in Austria.


Furthermore Martin Rosenberger, Product Management Director at Frauscher Sensor Technology, reports on the background and potential of the company’s coming innovations, which will also be presented at the InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin in September. Exciting stories about current and completed projects and developments of the Frauscher subsidiaries worldwide – for example about the Mumbai Urban Transport Project in India or the CBL2010 in Poland – complete the issue.


Have a look at the online version or make sure to get your own printed copy by subscribing the ultimate rail now.




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As one of the most essential exhibitions for the railway and rolling stock industry in Turkey, the Eurasia Rail featured the leading products and services from railway operators and suppliers from all over the region. Frauscher successfully participated in this exhibition – which took place from 3 to 5 March in Istanbul – together with its Turkish sales and service partner Robat Kontrol.


The main focus of Frauscher’s trade show appearance was the company’s latest axle counter generation: the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC. Due to its functional modularity and flexible scalability, this high available axle counter offers a lot of benefits, especially in regard to savings on space, energy and investment costs. The audience’s interest in this state-of-the-art product was high and for that effect the Frauscher stand was well frequented all three days. This makes Frauscher look forward to promising new projects in Turkey.

With its firm and continuous economic growth India is one of the most promising markets for the Austrian economy in Asia. In 2015 Austrian exports increased by 15%. Against this background, a large trade and business delegation headed by the Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz and the President of the Austrian Economic Chamber, Dr. Christoph Leitl visited India from 15 to 19 February.


Of the more than 500 Austrian companies already active in India 130 have also established local subsidiaries. One of them is Frauscher Sensor Technology India Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Frauscher Sensor Technology in Austria. On 16 February its Managing Director Alok Sinha met Foreign Minister Kurz on the occasion of the India-Austria Business Forum and seized this chance to acquaint him briefly about the latest achievements of Frauscher India.


Established in June 2013 its primary purpose is to lead India operations and to support South East Asian markets. The offices of this largest Frauscher subsidiary are located in Bangalore and are equipped with all the key functional departments. In addition there is a production facility in Mysore and a second office in New Delhi was opened recently.


Lately Frauscher India has been awarded two major projects in Myanmar and Malaysia, which Frauscher will equip with two of its reliable and proven axle counting systems, the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC and the Frauscher Axle Counting System ACS2000.

With being active on this market since the mid-2000s, Frauscher Sensor Technology is amongst the most successful Upper Austrian companies in Australia. Therefore a delegation of high ranking representatives of the Upper Austrian Economic Chamber and business journalists from leading Austrian media visited the Frauscher offices in Melbourne on 11 February in order to get a first-hand impression of the potential which Australia offers as a business location as well as an export market.


The Austrian delegation was welcomed by David Townsend, Managing Director of Frauscher Sensor Technology Australia Pty Ltd. He explained that Frauscher’s primary purpose of establishing its own subsidiary in Australia was to provide direct technical and sales support within the local market. “After supplying into the region for more than ten years through an agency company, the subsidiary offers the distinct advantage of providing a direct line of communication from customers to Frauscher employees within the same time zone, dramatically reducing the response times to enquiries.”


According to David Townsend, this is the key to succeed on a foreign market. The figures prove him right: After having established the wholly owned subsidiary in Melbourne, Frauscher was able to increase its turnover in Australia significantly in 2015.


The delegation was headed by Dr. Rudolf Trauner, President of the Upper Austrian Economic Chamber, as well as by Dr. Walter Bremberger, the Chamber’s Chief Executive Director. They were accompanied by the new Austrian trade commissioner in Australia, Karl Hartleb, and his deputy, Shanay Hubmann. They all were convinced of Frauscher’s strong and long term commitment to Australia.

From 3 to 5 March Frauscher will participate in the Eurasia Rail 2016 trade show in Istanbul. Frauscher will have a common stand together with its Turkish sales and services partner, Robat Kontrol. One focus of the trade show appearance will be the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC, which is the company’s latest axle counter generation. It offers a wide range of benefits with regard to modularity, functionality and required space as well as savings of investment and operating costs. Based on flexible software interfaces it enables communication over open networks. Thereby the FAdC provides various opportunities for application in remote areas as well as in track sections of practically unlimited length. Thanks to the low power consumption, the equipment can also be powered by solar energy.


We are looking forward to your visit at our stand no. C916 in the Istanbul Expo Center (IFM). For further information please refer to

Frauscher India participated in a technical seminar hosted by the IRSE Bangalore chapter on the 29th of January in Bangalore, India. The event focussed on raising the awareness among all South Western Railway (SWR) divisions of the technological advancements in the signalling and telecommunication sector. The welcome speech was given by Mr M. Elavarasan, Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer at SWR, who emphasised the importance of regularly organising similar knowledge sharing seminars in the future.


SWR dedicated a slot to Frauscher to introduce its expertise in the field of advanced functionalities of highly available axle counters, with special emphasis on the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC. The presentation was delivered by Mr. Venkatakrishna Subramanian Padmanabhan, Director Engineering at Frauscher India, and it was very well received by the participants. He also addressed the different features of fault tolerance functions, such as Counting Head Control (CHC) for the suppression of interference when using lightweight railway trolleys, as well the function Supervisor Track Section (STS). The audience was highly impressed by the fact that CHC is managed by system logic, without the use of DC track circuits, while STS offers the possibility to have numerous automatic resets.


The seminar was attended by more than 70 senior railway officials and railway signalling and telecommunication professionals from all divisions of SWR, as well as by private suppliers of signalling systems. As Frauscher has been accorded with the approval to conduct a FAdC based trial at the Baiyappanahalli station of the SWR Bangalore division, this seminar provided the perfect platform to present the various advantages of the FAdC.

Only one year after breaking ground the expansion of the sensor production at Frauscher Sensor Technology was opened by CEO Michael Thiel in an internal ceremony on 17 December 2015. After a short construction phase the production within the new building could successfully be prepared since this summer. The project is part of a comprehensive investment programme of Frauscher, which will be completed with the grand opening of the “Frauscher Innovation Centre” by mid-year 2016.


Against the background of closely linked production processes, the goals behind the expansion went far beyond creating more space, Gerald Buchinger, Director Frauscher Sensor Technology reports: “The expansion also became a base for job optimisation, shortening of lead times as well as measures for securing maximum product quality.”


The new production area covers more than 500 m². The foundation for increased capacities is built on a combination of job optimisation, various approaches to improve the material flow and additional machines. Besides two curing ovens a second vacuum potting line was installed. This enables a comprehensive acceleration and automation of all processes related to this step of the production. Overall, capacities have been raised from currently 17 000 pieces a year to 30 000 sensors.

Remain true to the well proven while embracing innovation. In this line of thought, we wish you a good start into the New Year 2016! We would like to thank you, our business partners and customers, for the fairness, the trust you have placed in us and for the fruitful cooperation.

The turn of the year is a good opportunity to make plans for the year ahead. Update your diary and schedule the following dates for 2016.



International Railway Events

  • Eurasia Rail, Istanbul, 03-05 March
  • IRSE-IRSTE Seminar and Exhibition, Kolkata, March
  • ASLRRA 2016, Maryland, 03-06 April
  • Rail Solutions Asia, Kuala Lumpur, 11-13 May
  • GLXS, Helsinki, 12-16 June
  • RSSI 2016, Grapevine, 28-30 June
  • Africa Rail, Johannesburg, 28-29 June
  • AREMA 2016, Orlando, 28-31 August
  • InnoTrans 2016, Berlin, 20-23 September
  • NT Expo 2016, São Paulo, 08-10 November